Harry Rosen Grooming Launch

360 campaign for the launch of grooming essentials at Harry Rosen, a luxuriously curated line for every man’s face, hair and body with some of the finest razors, trimmers, brushes, beard oils, aftershave and skincare. Along with the product launch, we filmed a video series called “Different Strokes” featuring clips from Indigenous educator Michael Solomon, longtime radio personality Devo Brown and comedian Aaron Heels, discussing how their own personal experiences have shaped the way they groom.

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Director: Matt Barnett
On-Model Photography: Kyle Wilson
Off-Rigure Photography: Joe Saraceno
Off-Figure Styling: Wilson Wong

Different Strokes | Michael

Different Strokes | Joey

Different Strokes | Sukhman

Different Strokes | Devo

Different Strokes | Sukhman

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